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Healing You, Head to Toe

JL Chinese Medicine practitioner clinic prices?

   $110 for Acupuncture - Initial Consultation ( time allowance of 60 - 90 min )

$100 for Acupuncture - Extended Consultation ( time allowance 60min )

   $88 for Standard treatment ( time allowance of 40 - 60 min)

   $50 for cupping (time allowance 30min)

   $100 for Oriental Remedial Therapy( Tui Na ) (45min)

$130 for Remedial Therapy (60min)



* Appointments are allocated 60minutes(initial appointments, up to 90minutes.) The duration of treatments vary, depending on the patient's requirements. Treatments can be a little less or a little more than 60minutes. Please check with your acupuncturist at the time of the appointment.

Health Fund Rebate Available

Cash payment is not available


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