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JL Chinese Medicine Practitioner Clinic: The Alternative Way



Healing You, Head to Toe

Chinese Medicine quickly became a passion, which Jeon Lee studied for many years before deciding to share the knowledge gained with the members of Brisbane. Jeon Lee opened JL Chinese Medicine Practitioner Clinic and still pays an active part in the center. Each session at JL Chinese Medicine Practitioner Clinic begins with a thorough review of the patient. Based on that review, our staff of experts determine the best treatments for each individual. Call us now to schedule your session.

Our Specialties

Treatments We Offer

All of our individualized treatments are carefully designed to relieve your pain and help you live a happier, more comfortable life. Our perception of health focuses on our patient’s body's structure, physiological systems, diet and nutrition, and their emotional and psychological state. Check out our list of treatments and services below to learn more about what we can do to help you heal.

Relax & Rest


Acupuncture Session

Balance Your Energies

Oriental Therapy ( Tui Na )

Reiki Treatment

We offer a wide variety of additional treatments. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a session.

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Get in touch with JL Chinese Medicine Practitioner Clinic to learn more about our treatments and services.

Unit 7/ 31 Sherwood Rd. Toowong  QLD 4066 ( MetroWest Physiotherapy)

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